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Crypto Starship Podcast

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Here’s exactly how to do it, on a iPhone or a computer with iTunes:

Leave a Review With an iPhone:

Step 2: Search for Crypto Starship

Click the magnifying glass in the lower right corner to start a search. Type in “Crypto Starship” in the search bar.

Step 3: Scroll Down and Leave a Review

Once you find the Crypto Starship podcast, scroll down. Click the rating you want to leave – hopefully 5 star, hint hint 🙂 – then click “Write a Review” to leave your review.

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Leave a Review: On Desktop

To leave us a review, just find our podcast in the iTunes podcast listings.

Step 1: Open iTunes. In the upper right corner, search for “Crypto Starship”. Make sure you have Store highlighted and not Library.

Step 2: Locate the Crypto Starship podcast. Click on “Ratings and Reviews”.

Step 3: Click the star rating to leave a rating. For example, click 5 stars to leave a 5 star rating then, click “Write a Review” to leave a review.

Thank you for helping support the show!