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Welcome to the Crypto Starship’s first episode on ICO investing. Here you’ll learn: * What is an ICO? * How to Whitelist * Tracking an ICO with Etherscan * Contributing to an ICO * Selling Your Tokens After an ICO Build the foundations of ICO investing right here, and stay tuned for our intermediate and … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide To ICOs

Achain is here and ready to take over the Crypto Universe! Entering the ring against Ethereum, AChain doesn’t back down. AChain brings a much faster, cheaper, and more scalable blockchain to market. Many games and even payment networks are switching over to AChain. We learn all about how they’re convincing developers to switch from Ethereum, … Continue reading AChain: The World’s Fastest Blockchain?

We met up with Pavel Bains, the Co-founder and CEO of Bluzelle. Pavel explains how we’re changing the world with blockchain technology, and how they’re revolutionizing the database with Bluzelle. He explains how Bluzelle is creating databases on the Blockchain, and securing it using their ‘swarm’ technology. We ask all the right questions to make … Continue reading Databases on the Blockchain with Bluzelle

Co-founder and lead engineer of the BeeToken Ali Ayyash meets up with Eric to discuss BeeToken’s decentralized AirBnB. The BeeToken promises 0% commissions – matching up hosts and guests for free via smart contracts. How great is that? Learn about how BeeToken is bringing smart contracts into the sharing economy, and paying with tokens instead … Continue reading BeeToken: Decentralized Home Sharing