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Coin Market Cap may be a giant in crypto universe, but CoinGecko ain’t afraid. Today we interview one of the founders of CoinGecko, one of the highest trafficked crypto intel sites in the space. Discover how TM Lee and his team took on a giant and came out on top. We talk about how crypto … Continue reading CoinGecko: A Better CoinMarketCap?

The Crypto markets are not in a good spot right now. What’s going on? We take a look into how this may have come to be and how it compares to other downturns. How does the Crypto market compare to traditional markets? The crew gives insight into what to expect for the future and what … Continue reading Crypto Markets: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Crew interviews Cindicator, a tool that uses a mix of AI and “Crowd Intelligence” to make pricing predictions. Cindicator combines human knowledge from traders, data scientists, and financial analysts with the latest AI algorithms to produce highly accurate predictions on where the market is going. In this podcast, we explore far beyond just the … Continue reading Cindicator: Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence

This episode the crew takes a look at the current crypto regulations around the world. We delve into regulations from eastern Asia, working our way back west to the United States. Cryptocurrency is being banned, supported, ignored, and everything in between all over the globe. Get your debrief here first on the Crypto Starship!   … Continue reading Crypto Regulations: What’s Going On?