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It’s a sunny day in the crypto universe. The markets are up, alt coins are popping, and investors are starting to jump back in. But wait, why? In this podcast, we talk about what really moves crypto markets, as well as what caused the most recent bear market. We discuss using the ETH to BTC … Continue reading What’s Driving the Crypto Market, ETH to BTC Ratio, Sequoia & Binance Lawsuit

It’s been a busy week in the crypto universe! Ian Balina, a major ICO influencer, was hacked. We discuss how the hack happened, and what it means for the crypto industry. We talk about Verge’s surprising new partnership with PornHub. Finally, you’ll learn some of our major takeaways from the Tokenomx conference in Chiang Mai. … Continue reading Big Influencer Hacked, Verge & PornHub Partner, Crypto Conference

Derek sits down with one of the founders of the Gnosis Prediction Market Platform at Token 2049.  Gnosis is built on Ethereum and is releasing the alpha version of its prediction market platform which will provide participants a playful environment to try out trading in prediction markets.

Is the crypto universe moving up and to the right?! Today we dive into everything that is been happening in the crypto markets for the past few days.  What may driving the prices and what may happen next!