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Conferences are a big part of the crypto universe. There’s a conference somewhere in the world almost every day. There’s probably a conference near you every single week. With so many conferences to choose from, how do you decide which one(s) to attend? How do you get the most from conferences? And how can you … Continue reading Crypto Conferences: Which to Attend | Overview of Consensus, BlockShow Europe

Derek and Eric discuss the recent changes to the ICO markets. 2017 was a big bull run, not just for crypto but for ICOs in general. Then, the Great Implosion of 2018 happened, and everything changed. In this episode, we discuss exactly what happened in the markets, as well as what changed in the format … Continue reading ICO Investing in 2018

Whoa! Telegram cancels their public ICO. What happened? Why? Was it a good investment to begin with? 
We discuss Telegram’s history, including the founder getting kicked out of Russia, after founding the “Facebook” of Russia. We talk about them raising $1.7 billion dollars. Was it over-valued or under valued? Tune in to find out. In … Continue reading Telegram Cancels ICO | Goldman Sachs is Trading Bitcoin

Last week, MyEtherWallet got hacked. As the largest and most successful wallet in the crypto universe, this was a BIG deal. About $300,000 in ETH was stolen before the hack was stopped. What does this mean for you, the everyday investor? Tune in to find out. In today’s show, we discuss exactly how the hack … Continue reading MyEtherWallet Hacked! What Happened, How to Stay Safe